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Here are some strategies I have learned over the years to save $ on Amazon…

  • Create a Wishlist (or many) and install the Amazon app on your smart phone.  When an item on your wishlist becomes a “lightning deal”, you will get an alert.
  • Get the Amazon Credit Card, get 5% back. (Never spend more than you can afford to pay off each month!)
  • Use Camel Camel Camel –  This site tracks prices on Amazon.  Just be aware that sometimes a price drop could be too good to be true.  If purchasing from a 3rd party sender, check to make sure they have a good reputation. I found a great deal on a cable modem once, item said it shipped, nothing arrived.  I checked back on the sender and lots of people had the same problem.  I messaged Amazon Support and they refunded by money.
  • Shop Around – Amazon does not always have the best price, before you buy, take a minute to do a Google/Bing search (Search for the item, click on Shopping). Also check out local stores if you have the time.  
  • Use a plugin app like Honey that claims to “find you the best discount codes”
  • Get Amazon Prime – It does cost $ to purchase, however there are many benefits for having it that can save you money! (If you use it often as we do).  It not only gives you free 2 day shipping (sometimes you can get things next day), you also get Prime video & music streaming and access to exclusive sales/deals!

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